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George Spillman of Washington - How to Build a Professional Network


A professional network can be a great way to build a career in any industry. George Spillman is a business professional, who has worked hard to develop an extensive professional network. He moved to California from Washington State several years ago to enroll in a business program and start a new career. During that time, he has built his professional network as well as his career. Building a professional network takes time as well as effort.

The first step in building a professional network is to focus on making contacts within your industry. It is a good idea to begin networking while you are a student. If you choose to attend a business school, you may work with experienced professionals. This could be a good opportunity to start building your professional network. Your professors can help you attend professional conferences and your professors can help you connect with professionals in their own networks.

Social media is also a great way to build a professional network. LinkedIn is a social media platform that is designed for professional networking. This social media site helps professionals find others in their industry. It offers professionals a way to keep in contact with each other as well.

Networking can help professionals advance their careers. Many business professionals build their professional networks as well as their careers. George Spillman lived in Washington State while he was in the United States military. He moved to California in order to study business and build his career as a business executive.

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