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George Spillman of Washington - Three Reasons to Earn a Business Degree

A business degree can help an individual launch a career in business. George Spillman was an Army Ranger stationed in Washington for many years. After he ended his military career, he chose to attend business school and start a new career. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and then used that education to build a successful career as a business executive. There are many reasons to earn a degree in business.

One reason to earn a business degree is to develop a specific skill set. A business program teaches students important skills such as accounting, management, finance, and more. Students of business learn about various industries and how to conduct business.

A second reason to study business is to gain experience in business. Students who attend business programs are able to intern with well-established companies in various industries. Business students have many opportunities to gain real world experience through internship programs.

A third reason to earn a degree in business is begin developing a professional network. Students, who participate in business programs, may be able to attend industry conferences and seminars within the industry they wish to enter. They may also be able to build professional connections by developing relationships with their professors and interning.

A business degree can be helpful to many different professionals. George Spillman Washington was a Ranger in the United States Army for many years. He was stationed in Washington, but chose to move to California in order to attend business school and start his career.

George Spillman Washington
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