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George Spillman Washington

George Spillman - Wine From Washington and Northern California

​George Spillman developed a passion for wine after moving from one burgeoning wine-producing area, eastern Washington, to another, Northern California. Between growing up in Washington and moving to Northern California to build a series of his own businesses, Spillman was in the US Army, a member of the Army Rangers, the deadliest and most skilled fighting force in the world.

After settling in a new wine capital, Spillman started to appreciate the excellent vineyards around him and began going to wine tasting events at these places. He learned how to appreciate good wine, where it comes from, and how to pair it with food.

Fine wines are produced by fine grapes and expert fermentation. George Spillman now knows that the Yakima Valley in Washington and the Napa Valley in Northern California produce some of the best grapes in the world and lend themselves to the production of excellent wines of all kinds. After moving to Northern California to set up his first business on his own, he quickly learned how to taste wine and appreciate it for all of its complexities, aromas, and mouth feels. He began pairing it with his favorite foods and learned how a good red wine can bring out the natural flavors of a good steak or how a crisp white wine can bring out the freshness and flavor of fish.

George Spillman Washington takes trips back to Yakima Valley in Washington frequently to taste the wines of his native state and compare them to those in his new home in Northern California.

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